"'Humins' is a composite word meaning 'Human Information Systems'. As the name suggests, we strive to be a skilled Executive Search Firm with a human database composed of outstanding candidates."
'Our motto is to be a company that can link candidates and clients based on trust'
'We do not Head Hunt, we are Brain Hunt'
'We want out clients not only to be satisfied with our services but we want them to be impressed by our services'
'We do not want either on-line or off-line services, we want both of these services available'

Possibly, no other client asked the CI company to design a website with so much detailed input. Humins Korea is not in the business of selling and buying, we are in the business of connecting people together based on trust, which in our opinion is the most important business of all. The result is a web site that incorporates our ideals such as trust, satisfaction, and warmth between a candidate and company. The red Gothic font used for the Humins logo represents warmth, eagerness, and vitality, with the resulting trustworthiness between the clients and us. The two gray lines interconnecting the letters of Humins represent the link between the client company and client candidate that is based on trust. It's also there to provide style, class, trustworthiness and soundness of Humins, Inc.

Our CI won the best CI award from <Designet>, Jul., 2001.
We want to thank web designer Kyung Mi Kim and sus4, Inc, for taking all our requests into consideration for the development and design of our web site.